My Story

I was born and raised in Denmark, where I began playing and composing music at an early age. While my friends were idolizing national soccerstars, I was taking piano lessons and becoming engulfed into the magical world of Jean Michel Jarre, Hans Zimmer and the likes.


As many fellow teenagers, I later found myself as part of a flourishing and exiting upcoming music scene with sky-high ambitions and plenty of talent around to back it up. And the rock'n'roll dream lived happily on for a while.

But despite being part of several successful music constellations, I slowly but surely realized, that both my personal and professional goals and ambitions was best fulfilled outside of the spotlights on the stage and inside the composing studio. A transition I will never regret. And my career as a performing artist is now repaying me tenfolds, as I move effortlessly between jazz, classical music, contemporary music and between almost any instrument.


In July 2009 I signed with EOS Music Corporation, which means that my music today can be heard anywhere from San Francisco, California to Millbury, Massachusetts.



My Music

It is impossible to "explain" music. But my best attempt would be that music is about enhancing a specific emotion using a universal language. Music is a tool to enhance a feeling within the listener that was already there, but which needed a bit of help to evolve.


I compose music that makes emotions grow and sets the stage for a storyline to develop. Regardless of media:


Movies/TV series: where the pace of a scene or the intensity of an emotion needs to emphasized and staged.


Commercials: where the fleeting attention of the listener/consumer is at stake, and where recognition is a key element.


Video games: where the dynamics of the music has to be in sync with the interactive experience


Web sites: where you have but a few seconds to convince the visitor of the quality of your content...


and much more.



I take pride in composing music which is subtle - but interesting, recognizable and timeless. It is also important for me to write music which has an international sound, but at the same time has a very personal feel and which is relevant for the given project.


You can listen to some of my pieces under "music" - which will give you a good idea of my sound.



My Method

My primary objective as a composer is to ensure, that my music is in perfect allignment with the media it appears in and the message that needs to be conveyed. I achive this by doing thorough reseach and communicating openly and constructively with my clients.


I draw on my ability to play many different instruments and genres, which means that the finished "product" is always in tune with the demands set by the client - as it can always be costumized. This approach is applied no matter what type of client I compose for. The small business owner who wants a costumed-designed piece of music on his website is handled with the same level of professionalism and passion as a score for a tv-series.


If you are interested in discovering what my music can do for you, you are more than welcome to contact me. You will be surprised of the effect and the possibilities of music, which is specifically composed just for you, and I work with private and corporate businesses with all kinds of budgets. So giving your next project its very own soundtrack is just a phonecall away.


- Kent Siig.

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